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GrabzIt सह HTML रूपांतरित करा!

06 ऑक्टोबर 2016

GrabzIt चे API आता थेट HTML रूपांतरण समर्थित करते. याचा अर्थ असा की आपण HTML पासचा एक तुकडा GrabzIt वर लिहू शकता आणि तो रूपांतरित होईल intoa प्रतिमा किंवा पीडीएफ. GrabzIt वाचू शकेल असे HTML पृष्ठ तयार करण्याची आवश्यकता नसताना. तथापि सीएसएस आणि प्रतिमा यासारख्या कोणतीही संसाधने पृष्ठात एम्बेड केलेली किंवा सार्वजनिकरित्या प्रवेशयोग्य असावी.

Understandably to support this new feature we have had to upgrade our client libraries. However we have also taken advantage of this opportunity to simplify our client libraries so that parameters for creating screenshots, animated GIF’s and more are passed to the methods using a class. This will mean there should be no more confusion caused by methods accepting many parameters.

We have already upgraded our पीएचपी ग्रंथालय आणि जावास्क्रिप्ट लायब्ररी to this new version 3, however because of the fundamental changes to our API it will take time to upgrade each library so we will upgrade each of our libraries over time in order of popularity.

We have also decided that due to the increase in features GrabzIt JavaScript API we can no longer recommend accessing the JavaScript API directly and are instead recommending that developers use GrabzIt's JavaScript Library, which provides all of the features of the other languages but hides the complexity of creating your own dynamic script tags.

Upgrading from Version 2

It is simple to upgrade from version 2 simply use URLToImage rather than SetImageOptions, URLToPDF rather than SetPDFOptions, URLToTable rather than SetTableOptions आणि URLToAnimation rather than SetAnimationOptions.

Then when setting custom options use the options classes that are described in the क्लायंट दस्तऐवजीकरण.


As of the 22nd of October 2016 all of our client list have been upgraded to version 3!

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